Kevin, Nicholas and I were doing a Park Run in Linford Wood one Saturday morning late last year (2019), when we came up next to a runner wearing a t-shirt that said “12 Marathons in 12 Months - Finisher”. I started chatting to her and she told me a little bit about the challenge. Her husband came cruising along and he wore a t-shirt that said “52 Marathons in 52 Weeks – Finisher”. My first response was obviously “No Ways!!”.

Feeling inspired I did some research (Go Google!) and found Global Marathon Challenges. Needless to say, there are some people doing some really challenging racing out there, but we decided given each of our specific needs that doing 12 Half Marathons in 12 Months was definitely DO-ABLE!

With that being said, we have started and already completed our #1 Half Marathon – Run Dorney Lake in Eton on the 23rd of February 2020. The weather – horrible! As we drove down, it was pouring with rain but that stopped shortly before the run started. What did not stop however, was the wind!! The run consisted of 4 laps with half of the lap into a headwind and the other half, being hurried along by a tailwind. Kevin bore the brunt of the wind (thanks hon!) going the one way and we had great fun sprinting back - was quite funny actually because we really had no choice but to go with the wind.

Anyhow, with Kevin running on muscle memory (all that long-distance triathlon training) and me doing my very first 21.1km, we did not do too badly – 2 hours, 19 minutes and 40 seconds according to my Garmin. That afternoon we were both walking slightly strangely, and we had invited some friends around for tea. When I opened the door to let them in, the first thing I said was “you are not allowed to laugh at how Kevin and I are walking!” They were very gracious of course!

So, the first one is now done and #2 is scheduled for the 22nd of March 2020 –  Running Grand Prix in Bedford around the Autodrome. Looking forward to that and will keep you posted.

#Inspiring All that Anything is Possible